Chlorella : Wash Toxins Out with this Superfood


I tried the Bio Detox by Nature’s Finest a few weeks ago and was surprised by the list of ingredients! Only 5 ingredients (including my personal favourite Chlorella!), which are all natural! This last point is super important to me, knowing that there are no chemicals or artificial sweeteners added is a massive plus!

I won’t lie and tell you that this product tastes wonderful but it doesn’t taste bitter like other products I have tried in the past! It’s a great trade-off when you look at the array of benefits that this single drink can bring you.

Disclaimer: this article is not an ad and I am not getting anything out of it. I just wanted to give you a ‘taste’ of this Bio Detox by telling you how each of its ingredient can benefit your health. Depending on what your needs are you can buy the ingredients you feel will benefit you the most on their own, or you can buy the Bio Detox with all the superfoods together.

Quick Definition

A superfood is so called because of its very high nutritional profile. 

I had to get this out of the way! And now, let’s get started!

5 superfood ingredients under a single drink

Let’s start with the superfood superstar – Chlorella

  • Chlorella is a nutrient-dense algae that is not digestible to human because of its hard cell wall. However, it is absolutely perfect in a powdered or liquid form and that’s great news because this superfood is filled with nutrients that will benefit your health greatly. Chlorella strengthens the immune system helping you fight infections.  It is a great source of proteins (50-60%) but more importantly it is very well absorbed by the body unlike the one found in other plants, making it a great option for vegans and vegetarians. It is rich in iron and vitamin C which helps with iron absorption. Chlorella is the only plant known to contain B12 vitamin! Making it once again a great ally in a vegan diet whose lack of B12 is often a concern.

Last essential point, chlorella washes away excess estrogen in the body preventing estrogen related diseases as well as other heavy metals which gives it its fame of detoxifying superfood!

Chlorella is the only plant known to contain B12 vitamin

  • Wheat grasshas antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory propertiessource. Bang! And if that wasn’t enough wheatgrass is filled with minerals such as iron and calcium and vitamins (vit A, C, E, K, and B vitamins). Wheatgrass has been found to alleviate digestive issues such as constipation and bloating. Its high fibre content promotes a healthy weight.
  • Barley grass is a grain making it a great source of fibre contributing to the health of your microbiome. As a result, it prevents many gut health related issues. Its high fibre content also means that it balances blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. This grain contains a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C which helps your body fights infections. Moreover, barley grass contains all the amino-acids the human body needs for optimal health. Amino-acids are the building blocks of proteins helping with muscle repair among many other things.
  • Spirulina is a type of bacteria which is often referred to as blue-green algae. Its nutritional profile is extremely impressive! “Gram for gram, spirulina may be the single most nutritious food on the planetsource. 1 teaspoon can provide you 4 grams of proteins and 2 mg of iron, one more great ally for those following a vegan and vegetarian diet. Another great advantage for vegans is that spirulina is a great source of proteins containing all essential amino-acids.
    • Side note: spirulina does NOT contain any vitamin B12 as it has been claimed. However, it contains B12 analogues which are molecules that are chemically similar to B12. These B12 analogues do not benefit your health.

Gram for gram, spirulina may be the single most nutritious food on the planet

  • Lucuma is a fruit native to South America, its sweet caramel taste makes it a great addition to cakes and porridges. It has great antioxidants properties helping your body fight free radicals preventing the apparition of inflammations and diseases. Lucuma’s high source of fibre contributes to gut health and helps prevents craving as well controlling appetite.

I have only been using the Bio Detox from Nature’s Finest for a couple of weeks and have not yet noticed anything but given those products’ incredible health benefits I have no doubt that it is already doing some good to my health.

If I had to choose one superfood only, I will certainly go for Chlorella (not far behind is spirulina)! Its health properties are just incredible! It is also the only plant that contains B12 vitamin which is not only essential for the health of your brain but it is also a vitamin that many people are lacking (carnivores included).

If you would like to try Nature’s Finest Bio Detox tap the link here.

Mimie’s Real Food signing off xx