YOUR 90-day journeY

Tracking all the food you eat and counting every single calories that passes through your mouth feels … EXHAUSTING! This is not a plan you can ( or want to) stick to in the long term and certainly not a plan that works!

Together we will work on introducing new habits that will soon become second nature to you. I will provide you with the right tools you need to succeed in reaching your ideal weight and create a true transformation.

This is a journey not a destination and that journey needs to be sustainable and above all ENJOYABLE. I don’t want you to feel frustrated and defeated any longer and that’s why I’ll be there, virtually holding your hand to support you and remind you of the reasons why you decided to embark on this journey.


The way we eat or simply go about our lives is often the result of a succession of actions repeated day in and day out. As a result, it is essential that during our time together we work on the habits that may be holding you back, so that we can replace them with habits that will support you during your 90-day journey.

Are you worried you may miss out on the food you love? Although this may seem counter-intuitive, we will be adding a lot more that we take out. We will add food that you may not have cooked before and new recipes into your repertoire, both savoury and sweet! I am a true believer that treating yourself to your favourite food is essential and does not need to come at the expense of your health. Cookies and pizzas are by no means off the chart and I will show you how to create healthier versions of those.



90 days is often said to be the magic number when it comes to induce habit change; to be completely honest with you I’m not sure this is rigth! After all it depends on the habit that needs to be changed right? However, one thing I am sure of is that I will fully support you during your 90-day journey while holding you accountable!

Here is an overview of how we will work together. We’ll start with an initial assessment of your past and current challenges when it comes to weight loss. I will introduce you to the 7 pillars on which we will focus over the next 12 weeks. After our first session you’ll already have a clear picture of the challenges you need to overcome and the step-by step strategies on how to overcome those challenges in order to see a change happen.

After our first 90 minutes session, you will leave with an actionable and manageable plan to work from.

In-depth coaching

GET long lasting results WITH SMALL simple CHANGES

learn to implement a diet that will support your weight goal

learn about the 7 pillars that are essential to weight loss

feel your self-esteem rise and your health improves day after day

experience weight loss as a side effect of the lifestyle changes you've implemented

Frequently asked questions

My mission is to help you achieve a healthy weight loss, by showing you how to nourish both your mind & body and providing you with the Small Simple Steps to reach your weight loss goal.

I don’t believe in motivation and willpower in order to reach your ideal weight and my role is to provide you with the right tools so that you don’t have to rely on them alone. My programme is for anyone wanting to see a true transformation rather than a quick fix.

The discovery session is here to help you decide if my support is the right support you need to achieve your goal(s). We will discuss the challenges you are currently facing and I will help you articulate your goals. We will then discussed how I can best serve you. It is then entirely up to you to decide if the programme is right for you. You can take as long as you need to decide and you won’t be pressured to let me know right away.

There is no such thing as ‘how long’ as each individual is so unique. What I often see is that people lose weight over the first few weeks and then reach a plateau, and that’s where the coaching is essential to pinpoint what may be causing this plateau. Losing weight is not a straight line and weight fluctuation is normal. Plus factors such as muscle gain is an important one to consider as you may be losing fat while gaining muscles which the scale is not able to differentiate.

You do not need to be on a plant-based diet before you start. However, I will suggest you consider adopting a diet that is about 80% plant-based, as my programme is focused on Real Food, that is unprocessed and with plenty of delicious veggie recipes. The programme is designed to help you feel confortable in the kitchen.

I chose to do a 3 months programme so that we have the time to implement real changes into your life and see if they work! If not we make some more changes until we can evaluate what best suits you. I want you to feel fully supported during our time together so that when the programme comes to an end you will feel fully equiped to keep going on your journey.

The option of meeting face to face is available to the clients who have chosen the 3 months programme and who lives in London.

what Our clients say

I have always struggled with consistency in eating healthily. My sessions with Noemie help make small changes to build good general habits which has been great. I think the most useful part for me was the introduction of healthy meals I really enjoy. This has meant that I stick to eating well while not compromising on things I enjoy. My body fat has plummeted as a result and I am seeing huge gains in all of the sports I do. Thanks so much Noemie. I have recommended your sessions to friends already and will continue to do so.
Adrian Morell
Client in the summer of 2020
Noémie's coaching was efficient, smart and personalized according to my needs. What I loved about Noémie's technique is that she'll help you get where you want to be by implementing small changes along the way. The transition doesn't feel overwhelming and most importantly, it's realistic to accomplish! She taught me how to take care of myself in a 360 way (nutrition, sleep, exercise). Also you won't believe how fast you'll see results! I lost 9 kilos in a month and a half. But as she kept reminding me, this is not about the number on the scale, it's about how I feel. And thanks to her, I already feel much more energized, comfortable with my body and confident. I recommend being honest with her because she'll elaborate strategies to help you overcome your weaknesses & obstacles. Noémie is very passionate about helping you achieve your goals and she'll always go the extra mile for it. I'm very happy to have worked with her.
Client in the winter/spring of 2021
ENG: Noémie was recommended to me and I was not disappointed. I met a gentle, attentive coach with a Holistic approach. We were able to create new habits together. I definitely recommend Noémie.

FR: Noémie m’a été recommandée et je n’ai pas été déçue. J’ai rencontré une coach douce à l’écoute et avec une démarche Holistique. Nous avons pu établir ensemble des petits tips afin de désamorcer des habitudes et également créer de nouvelles habitudes. Je recommande avec certitude Noémie pour suivre un accompagnement.
Sabrina dacalor (PARIS)
Client in the winter of 2020/21

Noémie (whom I called Mimie 🙂 ) is a very good listener, she guided me and helped me realize the importance of taking care of myself. Mimie made me feel very comfortable despite how difficult it was to express myself due to my illness. I really enjoyed having Mimie to follow me through these steps and accompany me for a change of life. Mimie takes the person as a whole and it is nice to know how to listen and to talk about the fears that prevent us from changing.
FR: Mimie a une très bonne écoute, elle m’a guidé et m’a aider à prendre conscience de l’importance de prendre soin de soin. Mimie m’a fait sentir très à l’aise malgré la difficulté que j’ai à m’exprimer du fait de ma maladie. Je me suis vraiment régalée d’avoir Mimie pour me suivre dans ces démarches et m’accompagner pour se changement de vie. Mimie prends la personne dans son ensemble et cela fait plaisir de se savoir écouter et de parler des peurs qui nous empêche de changer.

Marie-christine BIGOUDIEL (online coaching)
Client in the spring of 2021